“Borrowed Belief: The Secret Ingredient for Living Your Best Life” has touched the lives of many readers and garnered high praise from notable figures in the field of personal development. Here are some of their thoughts:

“In ‘Borrowed Belief,’ Waud takes us on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery. This book is a powerful reminder that belief can be borrowed, and it is never too late to rewrite our life story.” — Patty Aubery, #1 NY Times Best-selling Author, Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul & #1 Amazon Permission Granted

The Self-Help Podcast
In this episode, we’ll take a look at a new book by author Earl Waud entitled Borrowed Belief

“Gratitude. Responsibility. Belief. Decision. Action. Learning. Sharing. Quite the list of uber-important subjects. Now what if through the persuasive power of a life-changing story, you could have a deeper awareness and understanding of each one of those qualities? How useful would that be? That’s the promise of ‘Borrowed Belief.’ and Earl Waud achieves that by artfully taking you beyond reading… to experiencing.” — John Milton Fogg, million-selling author

“Earl Waud is the modern-day “Renaissance man.” He expertly weaves a compelling story that starts in a bookstore, and ends up with an easy-to-follow recipe for living with joy. Lack of hope? Lack of direction? Lack of happiness? Then sit back and enjoy the journey from total despair, to a 6 a.m. visit to a small bookstore, to a path of purpose and fulfillment. Allow Earl’s guide to change not only our lives, but the lives of the people we love.” — Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Brain Science Decision Expert, Tom has written 40+ books, and spoken in over 100 countries around the world

“Emotionally engaging and profoundly insightful, Earl Waud’s ‘Borrowed Belief’ is more than a book—it’s a compass pointing the way towards a more fulfilling life. You’ll not only be moved by Adam’s story, but also empowered to rewrite your own.” — Bo Short, Author | Speaker | former President American Leadership Foundation | Top 10 Most Influential Leadership Speakers for 2023

“This book is all about the power of self-determination and developing powerful insights into how our minds control our emotions and ultimately, our success. Follow Adam as he climbs from pits of desperation and depression to master influencer of success. Not only his own, but many others with whom he comes in contact. The skills he develops and the secrets he shares are not his alone, but significant insights he has been allowed to “borrow,” so that he may empower all comers to reap their rewards. This insightful and magnificently inspirational book can and will make a difference for readers who wonder how and why they may not have reached their full potential. By adopting the tenants of this work, your hopes and dreams have been answered. Read and be fulfilled.” — Chuck Mellon, Author, Lecturer & Investor

“Earl, I had a chance to read your book and loved it! It’s such a great book on how you can begin to live your best life, starting today! I loved how easy The Ingredients were laid out and how simple the Daily Directions are to implement to live the best life possible! I’m grateful for you and for letting me read this! I have read many books and this is definitely one that everyone should read! With so much going on in the world, the take away today for me is Where Ever you are Be Present! :-)” — Kari Schneider, CEO at TwinsGlobal.com – Club Seacret Travel~Nutrition~Skincare

“With ‘Borrowed Belief,’ Earl Waud gives us a deeply moving testament to the transformative power of belief. A compelling read that will inspire you to embrace change and live your best life.” — Eric Lofholm, Eric Lofholm International | Sales Coach | Keynote Speaker | Sales Trainer

“This book is different than most. ‘Borrowed Belief’ is something I’ve actually never read in a book before, but I have experienced it first hand when I started my own business. And I have to say it might be one of the most important principles to be aware of and understand if you’re ready to change your results…business or personal. I highly recommend this value packed, easy to read book.” — Michael Talpas, Business Owner, Developer, & Mentor.

“Earl! Writing from Germany… attending an off-site but got some good time with your manuscript on the flight. I thought it was beautiful writing based on touching deeply in the human experience, and rationally reasoning with the universe around us. Loved the idea that doing the small things everyday creates balance in the person, which contributes to balance in the universe. And when you continue with good small habits, large challenges utilize those habit muscles, and you rise to the occasion. Think it’s really great…congrats!” — Scott Singhass, Vice President Cloud Operations at Skyhigh Security | United States Navy Veteran

“Earl’s book is full of inspiring ideas and recommendations for unlocking personal and professional potential. Plunging into the journey of the protagonist Adam, you begin to catch ideas and insights to apply in your own life. I myself have been helping people set and achieve personal and professional goals faster and easier for a long time as a speaker and life/success strategist, revealing my true abilities in my seminars and coaching program, I constantly come across Centuries-old wisdom, ideas and knowledges. Earl brought together his priceless experience and practical advice for a broader understanding of life’s journey. Let’s implement recommendations, insights and open up to the wisdom of the book to make our lives better and brighter.” — Pavel Verbnyak, International speaker, Life and success strategist

“’Borrowed Belief’ delivers a potent blend of storytelling and wisdom that will inspire and empower you.” — Eiji “A.G.” Morishita, Movement Makers | Leadership Adviser & Trainer | Social Impact Entrepreneur Mentor | Keynote Speaker

“Earl Waud has a very profound talent in teaching some very unique methods of maximizing our finite time here on this earth. He has a wealth of life experience, and has been present and observant enough throughout his experiences to create a guide the rest of us may use to simplify and further appreciate our own journey. I for one will be interested in seeing the results each time Earl puts pen to paper- as this is the second time Earl has truly engaged my heart and mind with his truly priceless perspectives. Earl’s words are sure to change some lives, don’t short change yourself of the opportunity to be one of them by missing out!” — William Bonnell, Real Estate Professional