Welcome to the Official Website of Earl Waud’s latest book, “Borrowed Belief: The Secret Ingredient for Living Your Best Life.”

This powerful narrative will guide you through a transformative journey as you travel with Adam, the man who found the keys to personal fulfillment in the most unexpected place – a book titled “Hindsight”.

This is not just a story of change; it’s a manual for life, a guide packed with wisdom and practical steps to help you build your best life. Adam’s story can be your story. His transformation can be your transformation.

The author, Earl Waud, is a lifelong student of success and personal achievement. His journey of insight, learning, and sharing is encapsulated in this remarkable book.

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What People Are Saying

In ‘Borrowed Belief,’ Waud takes us on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery…a powerful reminder that belief can be borrowed…– Patty Aubery

Earl Waud is the modern-day ‘Renaissance man.’ He expertly weaves a compelling story that starts in a bookstore and ends up with an easy-to-follow recipe for living with joy.– Tom “Big Al” Schreiter