Dr. Forbes Riley

Celebrity TV Host, Best Selling Author, and 2.5 Billion Dollar Earner said this about my book Borrowed Belief…

Life, with all its ups and downs, can often feel like a turbulent sea, tossing us in unpredictable directions. It’s during those moments of feeling lost and adrift amidst the challenges and setbacks that we need a beacon of light, a guide to help us navigate our way towards fulfillment and success. In Borrowed Belief, you will find exactly that.

This book weaves a tapestry of wisdom, drawing its threads from Adam’s transformative journey inspired by his reading of Hindsight. It charts his ascent from the depths of despair, from a moment where life hung in the balance, to a profound realization of resilience and inner strength. Adam’s story teaches us that hitting rock bottom does not define our fate, but rather serves as a stepping stone towards reaching new heights.

At the core of this transformative journey lies the power of belief. It is the belief we have in ourselves, and when our own belief falters, the belief we can borrow from the world around us. In the aptly named chapter “(Borrowed) Belief,” Adam beautifully illuminates this concept. His narrative fosters an understanding that belief is not an isolated island but a vast interconnected network that we can tap into whenever needed.

Adam’s perspective on responsibility strikes a deeply personal chord. His insights remind us that life’s control does not rest in the hands of destiny or external factors but within our own. By choosing to be responsible, by taking ownership of every aspect of our lives, we become the captains of our own ships, navigating towards the destinations we desire.

But how does one determine their destination? How does one uncover their true desires? Adam’s answer is clear and empowering: Decide what you really want. The chapter on decisions delves into the power of choice, the potency of clearly defining our goals and desires—a roadmap to our own version of success.

The strength of this book lies not only in its thought-provoking ideas but in the actionable steps it provides. After all, ideas are only as powerful as the actions they inspire. “Take Consistent Action” becomes a mantra, a philosophy that resonates throughout every chapter.

Borrowed Belief acts as a compass in the journey of our lives. Its teachings encourage us not only to aspire for success but also to embrace learning, to share, to express gratitude, and above all, to believe—in life, in our own journey, and in ourselves.

Belief’s power, the courage of taking responsibility, the clarity of setting goals, the diligence in taking action, the wisdom in continuous learning, and the joy of sharing—all these threads are intricately woven into the tapestry of transformation within these pages.

As you turn each page, you’ll discover that every chapter serves as a signpost, guiding you towards unlocking your true potential. Each word is a step towards not just surviving, but thriving in the journey of life.

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary voyage of transformation as you delve into the pages of Borrowed Belief.

Here’s to your journey of borrowing belief until that belief becomes innately yours. — Dr. Forbes Riley

Dr. Forbes Riley is a dynamic force in the fields of health, fitness, and personal development. She has empowered countless individuals to transform their lives and reach their full potential. As a renowned TV host, and best-selling author who has generated more than $2.5 Billion in sales, Dr. Riley has captivated audiences worldwide with her infectious energy and passion for helping others while her expertise and dedication have earned her recognition as a trusted authority in the industry.